Acas-Mihaieni Thermal Baths

Acas-Mihaieni thermal bath resort is located in Satu Mare county, Romania, about 30 km from Satu Mare, the residence of this county, in the western plains, the resort have a continental climate with calm winters and temperate summers with mediteraneean influences, ideal for balneary tourism. The resort is open for his tourists all over the year, the spa of Acas-Mihaieni offering relaxation, rest and recovery for his pacients and tourists.

acas mihaieni

The benefic efects of Acas-Mihaieni thermal baths:

– inflammatory rheumatic diseases
– degenerative rheumatic diseases
– articulary rheumatic diseases
– post-traumatic diseases
– peripheral neurological diseases
– central neurological diseases
– gynecological diseases
– associate diseases (nutrition and metabolism diseases)

This article is about the thermal baths of Acas-Mihaieni, Romania, a spa somewhere in north-west of Romania near the border with Hungary. This spa is a place of relaxation, rest and recovery for everyone who want a vacation in a temperate and calm climate.

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